Fareed Ahmed Khan

Harmonium    New Delhi

Fareed Ahmed Khan, son of Ustaad Rafiq Ahmed Khan and grand son of Ustaad Abdul Waheed Khan, is a well known classical & semi classi... read more

Fareed Hassan Khan

Hindustani Classical Vocal

Born and grown up in the environment of music, Fareed hails from the musical lineage of the renowned Dilli Gharana, where his cradle... read more

Ganesh Singh

Tabla    New Delhi

Ganesh Singh has been learning tabla for the past 20 years under the guidance and tutelage of Ustad Faiyaz Khan. He began his initia... read more

Hafeez Ahmed Alvi


Hafeez Ahmed Alvi was born into the great musician family of the Delhi Gharana. Hafeez has developed his style under the tutelage of... read more

Hector Arenas


Hector is the disciple of Sitar maestro Sh. Shubendra Rao who is a great composer and musician of the country. At an early age, Hec... read more

Himmat Singh Negi

Theatre    New Delhi

Himmat Singh Negi is a Theatre expert with extensive experience of acting as well as direction. He has done a Theatre Appreciation C... read more

Imran Khan

Hindustani Classical Vocal

Imran Khan is the disciple and son of Taan Samrat Late Ustad Naseer Ahmed Khan Saheb, the renowned maestro of the Dilli Gharana. He ... read more

Jitender Kumar

Theatre    New Delhi

Jitender Kumar is a skilled theatre performer and a multi-talented personality. Not only has he mastered his art in the field of the... read more

Jyoti Upadhyay

Theatre    New Delhi

read more

Kalpana Verma

Kathak    New Delhi

A trained Kathak dancer, teacher & choreographer with her ardent devotion, unrelenting Riyaz and a thirst for equi-balance in TAL (r... read more