Fareed Hassan Khan

Hindustani Classical Vocal

Born and grown up in the environment of music, Fareed hails from the musical lineage of the renowned Dilli Gharana, where his cradle was literally surrounded by the stalwarts of the music industry. He is the paternal grandson of sarangi maestro Ustad Mohammed Ahmed Banney Khan and the eldest son of Nizamuddin Khan. He took his initial taleem under Ustad Zafar Ahmed Khan and subsequently from his father and till recently had been learning the intricacies of the gayaki under the tutelage of late Ustad Iqbal Ahmed Khan, the Khalifa of Dilli Gharana. He possesses a keen understanding of various parts of the gayaki emphasizing lachav-ghulav. His alaap is imaginative while his rhythmic play is pulsating and his taan-s emerge like rippling cascades. With an equal ease he presents thumri, dadra, bhajans, sufi kalaam and semi classical music. He has a rare and gifted voice which is both mellifluous and has a tremendous reach between the three octaves. Fareed has performed in various concerts, like Baba Harbhallabh Sangeet Sammellan (Jalandhar), Saptak Music Festival (Ahmedabad) and Swami Hari Das Sangeet Sammellan among others.