Amit Singhal

Flute    New Delhi

Amit Singhal is best known for his teachings in Indian classical music. He has been a stauncher and a devoted student at INTERNATIONAL BANSURI ACADEMY run by the renowned Pt. Harsh Wardhan and his son Vishal Wardhan. He has never failed to amaze and inspire the audience with his vivacious performances at several prestigious institutes, which includes performing at the Indian Habitat Center, the notable Vinod Kapur Baithaks, the Gandhi Bhawan of Delhi University, the ICAI Noida Branch, the Yoga Center in Guangzhou, China, Sangeet Sabha at Sirifort Auditorium conducted by Chinmaya mission and the list goes on. Apart from being an excellent teacher and a performer, he had also volunteered for a Swiss Documentary Film on an Indian School run for orphan children in Akshardham.