Umesh Kampoowale

Hindustani Classical Vocal    Gwalior

Pandit Umesh Kampoowale was born in a well-known musical family. His revered father, Pt. Keshavrao Kampoowaleji, established Gandharva Sangeet Mahavishwavidyalaya in Nagpur and continued his education work for many years. His respected father was one of the chief disciples of the revered Pt. Krishnarao Pandit, the pillar of the Gwalior Gharana. His father was his first teacher in vocal music and Tabla. After receiving his education in vocal music from Pt. Sitaram Sharan Ji, Pt Umesh Kampoowale got an M.A degree. Along with this, he also obtained an M.Com degree in commerce. Since 1990, he is getting intensive training in vocal music from legendary singers, Padma Vibhushan Pt. Rajan and Sajan Mishra. Along with singing, Umesh Ji was also interested in the Tabla and made his place as a Tabla player after receiving formal education of Tabla from Pt. Kshirsaganji and Pt. Ramchandra Telanji. He is an A grade regular artist of All India Radio and Doordarshan. He has recorded and released albums of classical music and devotional music. A documentary film was made in 2010 on his musical journey, which was telecasted in 165 countries. Along with this, he has given performances at the most prestigious music festivals of the state and the country. Some of the main ones include Tansen Music Festival Gwalior, Bharat Bhawan Bhopal, Pt. Nanasaheb Music Festival Bakyan, Madhya Pradesh Music Festival Jabalpur, Simhastha Festival Ujjain, Shani Mahotsav Indore, Dagar Festival Jaipur, the Music Festival Shimla, Gharana Meeting Delhi, Vishnutrayi Music Festival Raipur and Pt. Kundalguru Festival Gwalior. Umeshji has received the following honors for remarkable work in the field of music: Best Music Teacher Award by Gwalior Vikas Samiti, Gajanan Mahotsav Samiti for remarkable work in the field of music, Gwalior Gaurav Samman by Gwalior Vikas Samiti, First place in the whole country in classical music competition organized by Brihan Maharashtra Mandal in Hyderabad, Best Young Singer Award Nagpur, Best Kala Sadhak Samman Bhopal, Best Disciple Award by Bulltrust Jaipur, an award at Pt. Bhatkhande and Paluskar Jayanti in Ujjain and in the year 2017 he was honoured as the Best Music Guru. Along with Umeshjis musical education, he is a lifelong member of many organizations. He has been the Principal of Gandharva Sangeet Mahavidyalaya, Nagpur. The depth of his alaps and intricate taankari is a reflection of his mastery over his art. He has equal proficiency in singing khayal as well as thumri, tarana, bhajan and geet.