Tasabber Ali

Theatre    New Delhi

Tassaber Ali is a Theatre artist who is passionate about working in a challenging atmosphere that can provide continuous opportunities for learning and growth together and to deliver the best performance within his capabilities. He is interested in making theatre more effective for actors in his region and to revitalize the traditional & folk forms in contemporary tradition. His experience includes several plays in which he has acted including Kafan, Hawan Kund, Rustam O Sohrab, Ghar Wapsi, Gadhi Ne kaha tha, Satt Bahse Raidas, Yahodi Ki Ladhki, Jaat Hi Poncho Sadho Ki, Katha Ek Kans Ki, Romeo Juliat, Katha Kahi Jale Pedh Ne, Sainyaan Bhaye Kotwal, Wild Duck, Mashriqi Hoor, Doot Ghatotkach, Apna Rakh Praya Chakh, Julius Ceasar, Peer Gynt, Muggy Night in Mumbai, Seven Step Around the Fire, Big Fat City, Bhrashtachar Ka Achar, Acidic Dream, Adhe Adhoore, Across the Sea, Qisse Soojh Boojh Ke and Kartik. He has also directed some plays namely Daara Shikoh, Shabd Nishabdh, Tilu Rauteli, Maddhyam Vyayog, Workshop Chhau movement, Vyayog ka Kathasar and Panch Tara. He has received recognition as Best Comedian, Best Spotting Actor, Best Actor, Best Director Award in various national and international festivals. He also got the opportunity to perform in Rajya Natya Samahroh & Rashtriya Natya Samaroh organized by Sangeet Natak Academy.