Suhail Bhan

Bharatnatyam    New Delhi

Suhail Bhan, a Bharatnatyam exponent, choreographer and teacher is a Doordarshan graded artiste. He proved himself to be a natural dancer from the very beginning. He combines grace and strength in a distinctive way that is both lyrical and dynamic. He is a founder director of Nrityabodhi Kala Kendra and is also teaching Bharatnatyam to underprivileged children. He has participated in numerous dance shows such as the SAARC Sufi Festival, SAARC Literature Festival, Delhi International Arts Festival, Indradhanush Festival, Natya Darshan, Khajuraho Mahotsav, NCPA Mumbai, Kala Ghoda Mahotsav, Sopan, Nritha Nrithyathi Festival, Nimrana Fort, Ananya Festival, Tirumala Tirupathi and many other festivals in India and abroad including USA, Canada, Romania, Australia, London, Hong Kong, Dubai, Reunion Island and Columbia among others. He has an excellent command over all the aspects of Bharatnatyam and has been awarded by various institutions. He has received the Arshkala Chudamani from Swami Dayanand Saraswati in USA, the Natya Mayooram Award and the Acharya Nandikeshwar Award.