Pranav Pandey

Guitar    Prayagraj

orn and brought up in Prayagraj, Pranav got into music pretty late. In class 11th he realised that he loved music and started doing vocals for a local metal band. Later he adopted a less aggressive approach towards his vocals and started blending clean vocals along with his aggressive vocals. His quest for music further led him to the Guitar and he started learning it. Initially he started taking guitar lessons from his bands lead guitarist. Whether it was theory or techniques, he started devoting most of his time to polishing his skills as a guitar player. By the time he reached his post-graduation course, he had made up his mind to pursue music full time after college. After a brief stint at a regular Sales job he decided to quit it and pursue music full time. He appeared for Rockschool grade 7 exams to get a certificate and later on joined a CBSE board school as a western music instructor. Having a teaching experience of more than 4 years, he realised that while teaching others, he also learnt a lot. As of now, he is active as a session guitar player, a music teacher and has a band of his own by the name Meter Down.