Poonam Jamwale

Kathak    Hyderabad

Poonam Jamwale has been pursuing dance and music since the age of five. A dedicated Kathak dancer, Poonam Jamwale exhibits a natural flair for the Indian Classical dance form - KATHAK. Her graceful moves, disciplined lines, rhythmic footwork, and lively abhinaya along with her powerful presence on the stage are enthralling. She completed her Diploma from Telugu University, Hyderabad, and Visharad from Akhil Bhartiya Gandharva Mahavidyalaya, Mumbai. She is a senior disciple of Kathak danseuse Padmasree Shovana Narayan and Shri Sanjay Kumar Joshi. Apart from dancing, she has a keen interest in music and has trained professionally in Hindustani classical vocals. She is also professionally trained in contemporary, belly dance, Bollywood, and other Western dance forms too. She has performed on numerous prestigious platforms and has also been a part of various dance productions like Panchabhootas, Ashtadikpalakas, and Leela Madhavam. Presently, she is the co-founder of Stage Right Studios and currently conducts kathak classes and choreography workshops at Twist N Turns Dancers Hub on a regular basis.