Mukesh Gangani

Kathak    New Delhi

Mukesh Gangani hails from the Gharana of Jaipur Kathakaar. Initiated into this art from an early age by his father and guru Pt. Parveen Gangani under Guru Shishya Parampara with the valuable guidance of his uncle Pt. Manish Gangani, Mukesh has been performing since an early age of eight. He performs as a soloist abroad and in India. He accompanied his father on his ICCR Post to Russia (2007-2010) for three years in Moscow. Mukesh performed all over Russia and was greatly accepted by the audiences there. He collaborated with a famous Rock band in Moscow called TSVETY and this concert was a huge success. He has worked with Padma Bhushan Kumdini Lakhia Ji and with Padma Shri Shovana Narayan Ji for five years. He is also associated with Kathak Kendra repertory as a guest dancer and has performed in many festivals in India and abroad. He has Performed in many festivals for the Sangeet Natak academy among others.