Deepak Thukrela

Brain Development    Gurugram

Deepak Thukrela has been in the field of Brain & skill Development Services since the past ten years. Along with his team he has developed various Brain Programming, Learning Sensitivity, Learning Deficiency, Neurological Alignment Structure Models, Brain Analysis Tests, Brain Balancing, Soft Skills Enhancement and Sympathetic Relationship programmes. He is a professional Brain Trainer, Life Coach, Memory Expert, Relationship Counselor, De-Addiction Programmer, EFT and Corporate Skills Enhancement Coach . With about ten years of experience with Indian schools & universities of repute and equipped with his ability skills, Deepak Thukrela brings his specialised knowledge & experience in working extensively with adult learners and has developed several modules to cater to their specific needs & learning styles. Deepak Thukrela developed a unique and valuable programme for schools, students & teachers called CSLP (Carrier Supports Learning Programme). He has conducted sessions at the corporate level, schools, universities and has held live sessions with open house platforms. Deepak Thukrela is an expert in Brain Training, Memory Technique, Life Coaching and Child Behavioral Therapy. Over one lakh students have been addressed by him & his team for the brain development programme called CSLP.