Aryav Anand

Kathak    Dehradun

Aryav Anand, a young Kathak artist from New Delhi, is a rising star in the world of classical dance. He began his Kathak journey at the tender age of three under the guidance of his grandfather, Shri Ram Lal, and his father, Madhukar Anand Ji. Aryav Anand's dedication and talent have earned him the privilege of learning from illustrious gurus such as Pt. Birju Maharaj Ji, Bavdushi Shashwari Sen, Dr. Madhukar Anand, Shri Ilram Lal, and Pt. Rajendra Gangani. Aryav Anand's education in Kathak took him to Kalashram in New Delhi, where he received lessons from scholar Saswati Sen Ji and Padma vibhushan Pt. Birju Maharaj Ji. His commitment to the art led him to live with Maharaj Ji and study in the Gurukul, following the Guru-Shisht tradition. Currently, he is under the tutelage of Deepak Maharaj Ji and holds a CCRT scholarship from the Indian government. He’s accomplishments in the field of Kathak include Visharad, and he is currently pursuing a Master of Performing Arts at Khairagarh University. He has been decorated with numerous awards and honors such as the Smirbars Honor, Shringarambhan Award, Navodak Lakar, Run Sangeet and Thought Forum Award, and many more. Aryav Anand's Kathak performances have graced national and international stages, including renowned festivals like the Khajuraho Dance Festival, Sangeet Natak Akademi and more. His dedication and artistic contributions have earned him a place of distinction in the world of Kathak dance.