Anoop Das

Theatre    Kerala

Anoop Das who is a Btech in Information Technology is also a trained actor and musician. He is trained in Hindustani classical music for ten years. He is also a Grade 5 graduate from Akhil Bharatiya Gandharva Mahavidyalaya Mandir in music. He has performed with his band at various festivals across Kochi, Bengaluru, Ooty, Chennai, Dubai, Australia, London, Maldives and China among other locations. As an actor Anoop Das has vast experience in Theatre, Film and Television. His work as an actor is as under: Ulakuda Perumaal/Omcheri Festival/Kaladharan/Trivandrum/ 2014 Thevarude Aana/International Theatre Festival of Kerala/ Kannanunni/Thirchur/2015 Jaiva/Wiwa Festival/Kannanunni/Trivandrum/2015 Paalangal/Wiwa Festival/D. Reghuthaman/Trivandrum/2015 Telephone/Manaveeyam Street Festival/D. Reghuthaman/Trivandrum/2014 Maththavilasam/Soorya National Theatre Festival/Kannanunni/Trivandrum/2015 12 Machines/Soorya National Theatre Festival/Kannanunni/Trivandrum/2016 12 Machines/National Theatre Festival (PRD)/Kannanunni/Trivandrum/2017 Paalangal/'Gramakam' Theatre Festival/D. Reghuthaman/Thrissur/2017 Paalangal/Manaveeyam Street Festival/D. Reghuthaman/Trivandrum/2017 UFO(Unidentified Flying Objects)/Elephant Theatre Society/Kannanunni/Trivandrum/2018 Maththavilasam/Nirvahana/Kannanunni/Trivandrum/2018 Pets of Anarchy/Manaveeyam Street Festival/Sam George/Trivandrum/2018 Pets of Anarchy/Theruvarang Street Play Festival/Sam His Film, Theatre and Television work includes Masala Republic/Vishakh GS/2014 Njan Steve Lopez/Rajeev Ravi/2014 Appavum Veenjum/Vishwanathan/2015 Kammatipadam/Rajeev Ravi/2016 Falter/Black Letters/2017 He has conducted Theatre training workshops across the world.