Abhrajit Bhattacharya

Theatre    Kolkata

Abhrajit is the founding member and the president of the Kolkata based youth-led Theatre company Natakkiya, a group that has recently gained acclaim for their experimental productions that tend to push the envelope. He has acted, directed and designed the lights of multiple full-length productions for Natakkiya that have earned praises and rave reviews from the citys theatre audience and thespians alike. Abhrajit has worked as a Production Assistant, Lights designer / Operator, Actor, Director, Photographer and Cinematographer for the Kolkata based national performing arts company Mad About Drama. This included projects like the critically acclaimed production 'With Love, Calcutta' (Stagecraft award, Best Production in West Bengal 2016), which toured the nation and was selected for performances at prestigious venues such as Prithvi Theatre, Mumbai and Stein Auditorium, New Delhi. He designed and operated the lights for the Kolkata based dance company 'Stage for Change' and other city-based Theatre troupes like 'Bhaand Express'. Abhrajit is an acting coach for a yet to be released Bengali feature film. He has been a professional cinematographer and photographer for a wide variety of digital content ranging from Youtube video skits to portfolios for artists. He is also an acting coach and Theatre trainer for Kolkata-based theatre company 'Shriek of Silence' where he has been training children from prestigious institutions across the state. These projects include a large-scale musical involving 400 young students.